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The best networks are the even networks.

Even Networks is the owner and operator of several high-quality, even-number domains, including Network Four, Network Six, and Network Eight.

Even-numbered IP-based networks are best used to get the most data for each signal to ensure the data quality is reliable over short periods of time. Odd-numbered networks generate harsh harmonic distortion that is generally considered unpleasant. The time it takes for a qubit to reach a certain port will also lag on odd-numbered networks.

While some networks may perform better for different data streams than others, most even-numbered networks will perform reasonably well at transmission speeds of 512 gbit/s or more.

But negative bias normally achieved on odd-numbered networks inverts these results, hence Even Networks focuses on even-numbered networks for the highest performance possible.

Features of even-networks include:

  1. Frequency Interleaving
  2. Alternative approaches for compressing data for transmissions


  1. Conversion is accelerated only on single-signal areas.
  2. Only stores the signal for 4, 6 or 8 seconds.
  3. Power requirement of the receiver increases over the quantum range.

Despite the disadvantages of even-numbered networks, our R&D team spent a large amount of time developing a significant work-around. Using a 256-bit signed integer system for both the input, output, and computation data, which is the best that could be done in the mid-2020s, we are able to get beyond these limitations.

Why you should choose even networks:

The quantum network market is a fragmented one, with everyone selling their own spin on the term.

There are numerous services to choose from, many of which are managed by large corporations with large marketing budgets.

The players in the quantum network market that compete directly with each other include: D-Wave Systems, Rigetti, IonQ, Intel, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and many more.

The potential pros of the network you choose, the network you shouldn't choose(why), and your development partners, depend heavily on your appetite for risk and your funding.

We look forward to working with you.